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About Middelkerke

Appartement SeaDreams is located in Middelkerke. This is a small coastal town between Westende and Ostend and about half of our Belgian coastline. Its central location makes it a perfect base for numerous excursions. There are numerous cycling routes along the coast and in the polders. Middelkerke is also a great choice for travelers interested in sandy beaches, beach walks and relaxation. The nearest airport is Ostend-Bruges International Airport, 5km away.

Middelkerke is located halfway along the Belgian coast. This spa has a boulevard full of shops and terraces. It is very suitable for beach holidays with children and in the vicinity of the city you can enjoy beautiful walks and bike rides.

Bicycles tours

Middelkerke has the sound of sun, sea and beach for most holidaymakers. But there is more to do in and around Middelkerke, much more, many pleasant kilometers more.

A suitable way to experience the beauty of the region is by taking a bicycle tour. The many cycling paths and the rural roads offer you a varied view that is virtually unheard of. The coastal routes through the beautiful dune areas, the quiet country roads over the countryside, the characteristic friendly villages. The many extensive cycling paths offer you above all a safe and ideal environment to enjoy alone, together or with the whole family and to really relax. In short, there is a lot to discover in and around Middelkerke by bicycle.

A beautiful landscape can be found behind the boulevard and the dunes. There are a few great cycling routes so you can experience the area to the fullest. The polders have no slopes, making the area suitable for both novice and advanced cyclists.

The Schoorbakkeroute, for example, which runs for 48 km through the polders between Middelkerke and Diksmuide, is a recommended place to visit. You can bring your own bike, but you can also rent one.


Middelkerke offers its guests a cozy and family-friendly atmosphere to suit everyone's taste. In addition to great food and adult sporting events, there is a wide range of activities for small children and teens. During the school holidays there is a great entertainment program and there are also many other facilities, such as playgrounds, slides, skate parks, mini golf etc ...


Middelkerke beach is the longest in Belgium. In July and August you can swim under the supervision of lifeguards and first aid professionals. The beach is also equipped with showers. And did you know that Middelkerke would have the most hours of sunshine on the entire Belgian coast? If you are interested in a beach holiday in Belgium, Middelkerke is definitely a good destination!


Middelkerke is a seaside resort without unnecessary fuss. Yet it is a typical seaside resort where families can enjoy their holiday. A perfect destination for families who opt for a regular beach holiday. Flemish culture will meet your desires.

The places along the Belgian coastline can easily be visited by tram.

Middelkerke is partly located in dunes and polders. It has sandy beaches of approximately 9km long, which are connected by a long dike. The polder is perfect for walks or bike rides through an overwhelming landscape.

Interesting places

Of course there are plenty of cultural things to do in Middelkerke. For example, “Villa les Zéphyrs”, which shows you how a family lived along the coast in the early 1930s. In addition, Middelkerke owns many pieces of visual art.

As mentioned earlier, the polders are ideal for walks and bike rides. An ideal destination for a carefree beach holiday with the children, or a relaxing weekend away. There are several nice farms in the polders. Enthusiasts can therefore fully enjoy the specific flora and fauna that belong to the dune landscape.